Published January 31, 2019




If you’re a start-up business, or even if you have been in business for a while, you might be looking for someone to do your graphics and advertising. What should you look out for and what makes a good designer? In order to make these articles short and sweet, I will split up

the topic into several parts. Here is Part 1:


Look for a relationship (businesswise, I mean!)


Think of your graphic designer the same way you think of your dentist, hairstylist, or whatever other service person you see regularly. Do you like your dentist? Probably. You keep going back for many reasons: you like him or her, you trust them, you feel that they care for you, they know your dental history, you don’t want to switch dentists all the time for no obvious reason.


If you divide your projects between several designers, let’s say you use Fiver for a logo, a print shop to design your business card, and yet another designer for an ad, then nobody is really invested. It’s just a job they get paid for and then they move on. Branding and comprehensive design is probably not their priority.


You’ll want a graphic designer who is accessible, reliable and strives for optimum visual branding of your business. A good graphic designer will make you feel like you are their only client, and your project is the most important on their to-do-list. You should not feel like you are inconveniencing him or her with your request or be anxious that they can’t deliver in a timely manner.


Having one designer work on all your marketing materials ensures consistency. Your designer will be very familiar with your visual branding strategy and will base any new projects on the files he or she has previously created for you. That means, you will get the same colors, the same fonts, the same overall look, and that is extremely important for good branding. And if you need a file, you know who has it.


My good, long-term clients get a lot of perks. For example, if they just ask me for a quick change, that will take less than 20 minutes, I will not charge them. On an entire branding project, including, logo, website, business card etc. I will often throw in something extra for free, like a poster, car magnet or whatever makes sense for the business. I do not add a rush charge when a good client occasionally has an “emergency” and needs a file ASAP. Why? Because I want my clients to know that I appreciate their continued business, and I want them to recommend me to other business owners.


And for you, as a business owner, time is money. You don’t want to explain every time you do a new project with a different person what the look and feel of your brand is. You need someone who is on it, who tells you what’s the best way to do it. Best example again, your dentist. He will say “We’ll need to fix this tooth and this is how I’m going to fix it for you.” As a business owner you have so many things to do. Running after files or having to micro-manage an unqualified person should not be on your list. Delegate your visual branding to an experienced, trusted designer.


Hope this helps :)


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